Hello, I'm Tadas TamoŇ°auskas.
Open to advisory or hands-on contract work.
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I've been solving business problems using my product engineering skills since 2010. I believe that strong technical skills is just a bare minimum for a great engineer. The best developers are those who understand the business model and the root cause of the problem they are solving.

What I can do

Programming: I am the most confident with Ruby and JavaScript, but I'm happy to step out of my comfort zone. I can design and build APIs, automate your infrastructure and help with product direction. See my CV for a more detailed list of my skills and past experience.

Building and leading a dev team: I have interviewed, hired and mentored developers for many teams. I can help you set-up your recruitment and onboarding pipeline, then train a replacement for myself.

Workshops: I have done workshops introducing Ruby on Rails to teams considering adopting this framework.

Advisory work: I also do long-term relationships with startups where they can tap into my skill-set on an ad-hoc basis, think of it as a fractional lead-engineer as a service.

What sets me apart

I care: as a contractor, I care about my reputation. I know I have a limited time on each project and therefore I do my absolute best at it.

I see the big picture: seeing things from a technical angle is not enough. I always study the domain, then take a step back and consider the end user needs before making important decisions.

I run my own micro-sass businesses: from pdfcv.com more than a decade ago, to my latest venture with Inbox Airlock, I'm familiar with the challenges of running a SaaS business end-to-end and my pragmatic approach and advice comes as part of the parcel.

What others have to say

Chris P. CTO at Lollipop

Tadas is an extremely versatile and effective senior engineer - you can introduce him to a problem, and he'll digest it and coordinate with the rest of the team to get it sorted fast.

He's got a great entrepreneurial attitude: he'll give useful insights and raise important questions across the whole business given a chance. Can't recommend hiring him enough.

Rob B. Team Lead at Trainline

Tadas has made a huge impact in the year that he's worked at trainline. He has the rare combination of awesome technical skills and the ability communicate supremely with his peers.

During his time here he's consistently delivered way above expectations. His Ruby skills are excellent, but even more impressive is his ability to foster close collaboration and his drive to make the project succeed. He has improved communication and process across teams in our London office and built strong ties with teams co-located internationally.

I hope to work with Tadas again in the near future and would offer him a permanent position on the team without hesitation.

Tom S. Product Manager at Government Digital Service

Tadas is an excellent developer, he understands complex environments and finds creative solutions to difficult problems. Tadas is great at taking user needs and creating clear success criteria leading to useful features for the products he works on. Tadas is really reliable and insightful, he always delivers on time.

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What I would like to work on

I would prefer helping companies that have values similar to mine.

Causes: I care about environment, social responsibility and efficiency.

Openness: It's not only about giving back, being open also results in better work practices and ethics.

Positive Impact: By making a positive impact on the project, I would like that project to have a positive impact on the society or environment.

Sample projects

Most of my work nowadays is client work on private repos, but here's some of my projects that can be seen in public:

Get to know me better

I share code on GitHub, and occasionally post my learnings on LinkedIn.

Check out my CV in a pdf file or on LinkedIn, or email me tadas.tamosauskas@gmail.com.